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The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Secondary Education and higher Education, has been administering the following scheme since the Seventh Five Year Plan (1985 - 1990) for providing limited financial assistance to individuals and voluntary organisations for publication of books etc. as one of the modalities for the promotion of languages. The scheme was, subsequently, decentralised during the year 1994 - 95 and its Hindi part was transferred to the Central Hindi Directorate vide Ministry of Human Resource Development Letter No. F. 17-1/94 - D.I (L) Dated 15.6.1994. The Directorate has, therefore, been implementing this scheme ever since that time.



The scheme would be operation under the exclusive heads of account for Hindi, as indicated below:
Hindi (including Avadhi, Bhojpuri, Dogri, Garhwali, Kumaoni, Magadhi, Maithali, Rajasthani, Braj etc.);



The financial assistance sanctioned under the scheme shall not exceed 80% (eighty percent) of the total approved expenditure for the publication, in question, and 100% for Description catalogues of rare manuscripts. For this purpose, a print order limited to 500 copies is assumed for Descriptive catalogues, and 1100 copies for other publications.
Such expenditure may provide (whereas no permanent establishments exists) for honorarium for the author/editor/translator/preparation of manuscripts (including calligraphy/typing), cost of paper, proof - reading and vetting, printing and binding, building rent, travel expenses etc.) shall; not be admissible.
3.3 Assistance shall not be considered for meeting previous liabilities or debts as such, or not cover a prospective budget deficit or shortfall in the grant-in-aid admissible from Government source.
3.4 Any decision in regard to approved expenditure shall totally rest with the Directorate.
3.5 The total approved estimate of expenditure shall, first, be reduced by the quantum of assistance approved/paid for the project from any other sources of public funds such as another department of the Central Govt./a state Govt./ a local public authority/a Quasi - Govt./ autonomous body of the Centre or of a state, before deciding the amount of assistance to be provided under the scheme.
3.6 The requests, which qualify under the scheme, shall be considered on merit taking into account the recommendations of the Grants Committee for Hindi provided the Chairman of the Committee shall be competent to approve a fresh grant in appropriate/urgent cases in consultants with the Controller of Accounts attached to the Ministry, subject to the reporting of such decision (s) in the next meeting of the grant - in - Aid Committee.



The following kinds of publication shall qualify for consideration under the scheme: -
Books of reference like encyclopedias, books knowledge, anthologies and compilations, bibliographies and dictionaries. In the case of dictionaries (which could be in one or more languages) to the base language of the dictionary i., e., Hindi.
Descriptive catalogues of rare manuscripts such format as may be prescribed by the Government with a print order not exceeding 500 copies.
Self - instructors for various languages, base language being Hindi.
Original writing in Hindi on linguistic, Literary (excluding fiction, drama, poetry and thesises) Ideological, social, anthropological and cultural themes;
Critical editions and/ or publications of Old Hindi manuscripts.
Translation and publication in Hindi of books from other languages on themes listed in (iv) above.
Transliteration and publication of classics from any other Indian languages into Devanāgarī (Hindi) with hindi translations;
Reprint/revised editions of rare books published more than 30 years ago and remaining out of print.
Any other kind of publication as may individually accepted as conducive to the promotion of Hindi.



Voluntary organisations/Socialites/Charitable Trusts which are registered under the relevant Central or a state Act prevalent for the time being, as well as individuals, who are authors, editor, translators or those who intent to publish the book, in question, and hold the copyright there of (excluding commercial publishers) shall be eligible to apply for assistance.

Provided that the applicant organisation is not of kind is registered/incorporated or functions in a manner that profits of any kind arising from its activities are distributed among its members or shareholders in the form of bonus or dividend.

The academies and organisations set up, registered and funded by the Government for the purpose for promotion of languages shall also be eligible to apply for their Hindi publications. Likewise, the universities shall be eligible to apply (through the State Government in the case of state universities, and through the Universities Grants Commission in the case of Central Universities) in respect of projects which have not been fully funded by the State Government concerned or by the University Grants Commission.
5.3 The Government may, after obtaining such advice as necessary, commission individual scholars, universities and registered voluntary organisations, to undertake the production of literature provisions of the scheme.



The application for financial assistance for publications in Hindi shall be submitted to the Director, Central Hindi Directorate, (Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education), West Block No. VII, R.K. Puram, New Delhi - 110066 in the prescribed proforma for publication, individually in respect of each book.
The application shall be submitted in duplicate accompanied by the documents indicated in the relevant proforma.
6.3 Where the proposal involves a publication/reprint/revised edition two copies of the manuscript/old edition should be sent with the application, ensuring that the applicant retains the mastercopy with himself. Also, a descriptive should be sent, besides a project Report indicating the title, theme-content and the positional value of the proposal publication in the field to which it relates, the professional competence, the financial and establishment support available for the proposal etc.
6.4 The application may be submitted any time for consideration at appropriate stages, subject to availability of funds and administrative convenience.



The grantee shall execute a BOND on a stamp paper of Rs. 10/- (in the attached proforma) prior to the drawal of the sanctioned grant, to the effect that the work to be undertaken with the grant shall be completed within a reasonable time not extending beyond a year from the date or releasing the amount of first installment or the deadline as may be extended by the Government on the grantee's prior request, and the grant be utilized only for the purpose which it is sanctioned. Failure to do so will render the individual/organisation liable to refund to the Government the grant released in full, with 6% interest thereon or as the Government may decide. There shall be no bond in the case of purchase of copies of books.
In the case of purchase of copies of books, the payment due shall be sanctioned in a single installment or receipt of the bill after the relevant process is completed, as detailed in para 8.3 and 8.4 here below.
in the case of publication, the approved grant shall be released in suitable installments as decided by the Government depending on the nature and progress of the publication, and in no case, shall be released in a single installment.
It shall be open to the Government to issue from time to time to the grants such suggestions/directions on the format and contents of the approved publication as found necessary, and it shall be binding on the grantee to comply with the same. In the case of critical editions of manuscripts such instructions may cover notes, comparable/indices, biographical note on the author etc.
The release of the final installment (being not less than one-third of the total approved grant) shall be considered only after receipt of the following material from the grantee: -
The accounts in respect of the total expenditure on the completion of the publication as certified by a Chartered Accountant, (and in the case of the universities, certified together by the Finance/Audit Officer and the Registrar);
The utilization certificate in respect of the whole of the approved expenditure as certified by the name Chartered Accountant countersigned by the grantee.
The report of satisfactory completion of the project duly signed by the grantee with his seal if any; and
Five complimentary copies of the book, as finally published.
The listed price of the book/publication brought out with assistance under the scheme shall be determined with prior approval of the Government of India.
Once the estimates etc. of the publication have been approved as reasonable and the grant determined on the basis of such estimates, they shall not be modified by the applicant without the prior approval of the Government of India.
No. assets, created out of the grant paid by the Government shall be transferred to any person/Institution without the concurrence of Government of India. Should, at any time, the grantee organisation/institution cease to exit, the equipment purchased out of the Government grant shall revert to the Government.
The accounts of the individual/organisation/institution will be properly maintained and submitted and shall be open to check by a representative of the Government of India or the State/U.T. Government, s and when required.
If the Central or the state/U.T. Government has reason to believe that the affairs of the organisation/Institution are not being properly managed, or that the sanctioned money had not been utilized for the payment of further installment of grant, and also recover from the grantee such money as the Government may decide, in relation to the sanctioned grant.
The applicant will exercise utmost economy in hits/its working, especially in respect of expenditure out of the Government grant.
Progress reports on the project/scheme will be furnished at regular intervals of 3 moths.
If the grant released exceed 80% of the actual expenditure on approved items after deducting the state Government grant, if any, from the total actual expenditure, the difference shall be refunded to the Government of India.
The title page of each of the publication should bear the following entries: - 'Published with financial assistance from the Government of India, Central Hindi Directorate, Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Higher Education vide sanction letter No. _____________________________ Dated_____________________
'Copyright vests with the grantee'