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Standardization of Devanagari Script and Hindi Spelling

Central Hindi Directorate Published the booklet ‘Hindi Vartani ka manakikaran’ in 1968 after the detailed discussion with distinguished scholars, linguists, Hindi voluntary organizations, officials from state government and different ministries. In 1983 its modified and revised edition was published namely ‘Devanagari lipi tatha Hindi vartani ka manakikaran’. It is free of cost. Keeping in view the constantly increasing demand, this booklet was reprint in 1989 and distributed free to different Hindi voluntary organizations, offices, educational institutions so that the use of standard form of Hindi may be increased. In the context of official language, all ministries, state governments, educational institutions like NCERT etc., news papers, journals etc. officially adopted this standardized form of Hindi to bring uniformity in the language.

In 1968 the standardization of Hindi was mainly based on user and typing instruments. In the age of Information Technology, it was decided to modify and enhance the standardization of Hindi language and to generate Unicode in computer for Devanagari script. Keeping in view the suggestions from the national symposium, the revised edition of the booklet was published. The standard forms of Hindi alphabets, spelling, punctuation marks, alphabetic order for dictionaries, enhanced Devanagari Lipi, division-sub division of paragraphs are given in Devanagari Lipi Tatha Hindi Vartani Ka Manakikaran. Apart from the specific proportionate accurate method of writing alphabets and vowel signs while writing Hindi is given and ‘technical drawing’ of the words is also given in this book.

We hope that, for uniformity and standardization of Hindi language, and the use of various programmes of computer and bring all Indian languages closer, this booklet will prove useful. For any query, please email us at manakdevanagari.chd@gmail.com