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The Department of Correspondence Courses, Central Hindi Directorate has now prepared CDs on different grammar points. The brief description of these are as follows: -
CD No.1
It deals with two different points (i) Common conversational forms of Hindi for Non-Hindi speaking persons and foreigners as they use in hotels, markets and restaurants. (ii) The usage of 'You'. The usage of 'Tu', 'Tum', and' Aap' have been explained in this CD.
CD No.2
It deals with two different points (i) Sentence construction in Hindi language. Subject, object and verb are three main factors of a sentence explained in this Co. (ii) Usage of particles 'To', 'Bhi' and 'Hi'. The usage of these particles change the meaning and gist of a sentence though their own meaning never change.
CD No. 3
It deals with two different points (i) use of 'Sub+Ko' construction 'Sub+Ko' is generally used where subject is animate and the sentence involves certain actions which essentially belongs to human or living being, subject denoting physiological state, liking, feeling, necessity etc. All of these have been explained in this CD (ii) This CD is related to the usage and, meaning of idioms in Hindi. Idioms express specific meaning. BY using idioms language become more interesting and effective. This CD have all these characteristics of the idioms.
CD No. 4
In this CD emphasis is on gender training. To write correct Hindi it is essential to have correct knowledge of gender. Gender. can be ascertained through pronouns like 'Ka', 'Ki' and 'Mera', 'Meri' and through adjectives like 'Bada', 'Badi', used in the sentences. Gender problems have been explained in this CD.
CD No.5
It deals with two different points (i) Compound Verbs. They are the combination of two verbs denoting one composite idea in which one is main verb and second one is intensifier. The forms of such compound verbs have been explained in this CD. (ii) Subject Verb Agreement. In Hindi Subjectival, Objectival and Neutral composition of sentences are common. In this CD emphasis is on subject Verb Agreement.
CD No.6
It deals with two different points (i) Subject Verb Agreement. According to verb there are three types of sentence construction - Subjectival Construction, Objectival Construction and Neutral Construction. In Subjectival construction verb agree with subject, In Objectival construction verb changes with object and in neutral construction verb is always used in masculine singular form. (ii) Standardization of Devanāgarī Script. Hindi is written in Devanāgarī Script which is a Scientific Script. However, some new rules have been framed to maintain its uniformity. All these have been explained in this CD.
CD No.7
This CD is intended to be useful to those whose mother tongue is not Hindi and who desire to pick up spoken and conversational forms of Hindi for their day-to-day dealings. It is equally valuable to the tourists and visitors who seek to get familiar with the basic conversation pattern of Hindi and employ them during their visits to those areas of the country, where Hindi is the language of people.
The price of each cassette is Rs.125/- and CD is Rs.150/-
To purchase the cassettes & CDs please contact the following: -
NEW DELHI-110066